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Wood fired ovens

Imagine that perfect summer evening. You and neighbours have gathered together in your yard for your monthly barbeque party. The Halls, have brought the baked beans, as usual, others have brought chips, cookies and ice-cold drinks. The kids are whooping it up in the yard and you and the other adults are relaxing on the patio chatting when suddenly you get that first whiff of your dinner cooking. You think to yourself there is nothing like the smell of pizza being cooked over an open fire. We get more info on check this link right here now.

Wait a minute! Pizza at an outdoor barbeque? How can that be? It simply isn’t possible. While baking pizza may not be possible on a grill it is not only possible but truly delicious when cooked in your new wood-fired outdoor oven.

Wood-fired ovens are the latest trend in outdoor home entertainment and for good reason, these wonderful attractive ovens can cook anything and adds an entirely new experience to cooking out of doors. People all over the country who enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors are adding outdoor ovens to their patios and back yards. Enjoying everything from cosy family dinners to large parties all centred around this latest trend in wood cooking.

What is so Great About A Wood Fired Oven

Wood fired ovens are far more versatile than a regular barbeque. You can cook anything in them that you can cook in a traditional oven while giving it that wonderful smokey taste you can only get from cooking over wood. These ovens are great for baking, frying, grilling and even smoking.

What makes these ovens even better is that after the food is cleared away, you and your friends can gather around the fire and talk and watch the flames leap and glow. What could be more relaxing than that?

What are These Ovens Made Of

Wood-fired ovens are made from an entire range of materials. Brick, Stone, Stucco, Steel and copper are all used in building one of these ovens. If you choose a Brick, Stone or Stucco oven they can be a bit on the expensive side if you have one professionally installed, but you can do it yourself and eliminate some of the cost. They even have do it yourself kits, for those who want to try their hand at building their own ovens.

You can also purchase a steel or copper oven. While these ovens lack a bit of the aesthetic appeal of the more traditional wood-fired ovens, they can be quite attractive and they certainly get the job done for a lower price. Steel ovens even have temperature adjustments than allowing you to use them as a slow cooker.

It is easy to see why these ovens are becoming so popular and in the near future, I can see them being used for high school graduation open houses, outdoor weddings and all those other special occasions when you need to cook for crowds of people and want that wonderful wood smoke taste.