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Sell My House Fast – No Down Payment Required!

A question I get asked a lot from people who are selling their homes is “Can I sell my house fast with no money down?” The answer to that question of course depends on a number of things. If you have equity in the home then yes, you can get a quick sale. However, if you are not in an equity situation and do not have any second income or savings to provide for a quick sale, then you are probably best just renting the house or having a real estate agent to negotiate on your behalf. Check This Out for more info.

Another factor that goes into determining your ability to sell a house fast is the closing costs. In a traditional sale, the closing cost typically runs about one third of the sales price. In an instant sale, depending on what county you are in, it could be as much as one third to one half of the total sales price. Therefore, if you have little equity built up, you may find that it is better financially to rent than go through the closing process with a traditional sale. If you have equity built up, a traditional sale can give you a better chance of getting a good offer on your home.

One final factor that can help you sell a house fast is to have an experienced real estate agent working on your behalf. Real estate agents are usually well versed in the often complex mortgage processes involved and can help you get the best offers possible on your home quickly and easily. If you don’t have an experienced professional working on your behalf, then you may have to do a lot of legwork yourself to get multiple offers accepted by a variety of lenders to complete the transaction. An experienced agent will make this process easy and eliminate the potentially tedious work required to sell a house quickly.