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Need For Laser Hair Removal

Dermatologists now support laser hair reduction surgery, which was first developed two decades ago, as a secure and efficient method to extract excess hair from tiny and broad areas of the body. Laser therapy is now authorised by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Touch Up Laser

Laser hair reduction is now favoured to other hair removal techniques due to its ease and effectiveness. To obtain successful outcomes and maintain protection, you can have the laser treatment done by a trained and qualified specialist. Excessive body hair may be removed from the collar, underarms, elbows, pubic section, back, chest, belly, and shoulders using laser therapy.

What is the mechanism of laser therapy?

During laser hair reduction treatment, a strong, pulsating pulse of focused laser light energy is distributed through the skin, attacking dark pigment called melanin in hair. The excessive heat of laser light damages the hair follicle permanently, preventing the development of new hairs. The laser should not damage or heat the skin around it.

Many people believe that laser therapy is a permanent hair reduction procedure. It does, though, keep unwanted visitors at bay for several months, if not years.

Electrolysis is compared. Another common hair removal method that has been around for over a century is electrolysis. The differences between laser therapy and the electrolysis treatment are described below.

Electrolysis is a surgical treatment in which a needle is used to enter the hair follicle deep into the skin, whereas laser is a non-invasive operation. In this hair reduction procedure, only light energy is used. -Time spent-Electrolysis requires longer than laser therapy when each hair follicle is treated separately. Laser, on the other hand, targets thousands of follicles at once, requiring fewer time. Re-treatment-Because electrolysis permanently destroys a follicle, a healed hair follicle can not be viewed again. If a laser-treated follicle fails to develop hair after a period of time, you will need to treat the same follicle again. -Effectiveness: The FDA has issued the phrase “permanent hair reduction” to electrolysis. It works on all hair colours, much like laser. In the other hand, tests suggest that laser hair reduction is faster, less painful, and more effective than electrolysis hair removal treatment, but only for some hair colours.