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Local Citations – What Is It?

What is the definition of a citation? A citation occurs when the company’s name and address appear on another website. As part of their daily web crawl, Google searches for these citations. When Google discovers a citation about your business, it will award you a “point.” Whether or not there is a link back to a website, you get this point. More citations equate to more points, resulting in a higher rating. Check The Death of Local Citations?

Google also employs a “Trust Rank” algorithm. Trust rank is a patented search algorithm that assigns different weights to different websites based on the “expert status” of the person who annotates the site. Although Google does not state that the trust rank algorithm is used in Google Maps, it would make sense if it were. What does this imply for your company’s ranking? It means that some citations will be more valuable than others.

So, how do you go about getting citations? You’ll probably get a few citations as you promote your business, join associations, and participate in community activities. However, are you able to speed up the process? Yes, indeed. Consider it a different way of promoting your firm, because all you’re doing is listing your company in some sort of directory.

Joining Universal Business Listings is an excellent way to increase the number of citations you have. You just have to post your business listing once when you use their service. Then Universal Business Listing can distribute the information to all of the big search engines, online yellow pages, information directories, and a variety of other industry directories automatically. You may enter for free, but you must pay a $30 yearly charge to get your business information sent to other directories. The local indexes of search engines are built on the basis of these large databases. Be patient; it will take 2 to 3 months for you to see a rise in citations from these sources.

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