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Laser Engraved Crystal – A Father’s Day Gift That Can Soften Dad’s Heart

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day present, laser etched crystal may be the way to go. Electronic gadgets are common among fathers. However, if you are having trouble finding gadgets or if your father already has a multitude of gadgets, an etched crystal gift is always a good option. laster is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Remember the old adage, “It’s what you think that counts.” Yes, it does. You design the engraving inside the crystal with a 3d laser crystal gift. This is why laser etched crystals are so valuable to their recipients. So put on your thinking cap and get to work on a crystal gift for your father for Father’s Day

Here are some great crystal design ideas for Father’s Day to get you started.

Laser etched crystals are ideal for expressing your gratitude to your father. So, this Father’s Day, give your dad the #1 Dad or Best Dad trophy. This simple crystal design idea will make a lasting impact on your father this Father’s Day.

Greatest Achievements is a unique laser etched crystal style that would be ideal for Father’s Day. Gather all of your father’s greatest accomplishments as a father (i.e. pictures of your dad while changing your diapers; walking you to the park; playing with you at the playground swing; etc) (i.e. photos of your dad while changing your diapers; walking you to the park; playing with you at the playground swing; etc). Make a picture collage out of these images and have it etched on the crystal. In reality, the collage would be a fantastic gift on its own. However, adding laser etched crystal to your own creation adds class and serves as a true homage to your father.

Make a crystal keepsake with Father’s Day wishes. Make a blank piece of paper for your mother, siblings, and even grandparents to write their Father’s Day wishes on. Scan these father’s day wishes as individual photos to use as a border for your laser etched crystal portrait. That’s the equivalent of killing two birds with one stone. You have a custom-designed greeting card and a crystal keepsake for your dad, all of which are beautifully displayed within the optic crystal.

The crystal designs shown above will melt your father’s heart. Who knows, he could even shed a tear or two; joyous tears, that is. Okay, maybe not, but I’m sure he’d enjoy it.