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Keeping Your Windows Safe During a Storm

You can bet that when the winds pick up around your Austin, Texas house, it will trigger some issues. High winds can wreak havoc on your home and yard, from falling trees to piles of leaves. High winds from a tornado, tropical storm, or hurricane, on the other hand, can cause more severe damage in and around your house. Damaged shingles, loose siding, and broken windows are all possibilities. Glass damage from severe weather, such as a tornado or hurricane, can be more than just a mess of wet broken glass. As atmospheric pressures rise, window damage can render a home incapable of withstanding the storm, resulting in catastrophic structural failure. Prevent storm damage to your windows by following the tips and techniques for storm preparation mentioned below. read the post

Window Storms

You are vulnerable against the powerful winds that can easily and permanently destroy your home if you do not have specialised storm windows in your home. You can help avoid damage from high winds and flying debris by replacing your old windows with protective storm windows from Gulf Coast Windows.

Our storm windows have all-aluminum frames that can withstand the forces of heavy winds and storms. You can be sure that these window frames will not buckle, even in the strongest of winds, because they have been tempered five times and liquid welded from the inside of the frame.

Specialized “Ford Sunglasses” is a top-of-the-line storm window with a lifetime transferable warranty and full replacement in the event of storm damage. Ford Sunglasses not only protect your home from wind damage, but they also help to minimise energy costs, reduce outside noise emissions, and improve the value of your home.