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Family Law Covers a Variety of Issues

Family law cases make up a sizable portion of every jurisdiction’s docket and may be among the most emotionally charged cases seen in court.Do you want to learn more? Visit Gerald Tomassian, Fresno

Family law is concerned with family matters and domestic relations, such as marriage, divorce, paternity, child and spousal welfare, child custody, adoption, long-term care for elderly parents, civil unions, and other related issues.

The vast majority of family law cases include divorce and child custody. It is necessary for a divorce to be certified by the court system in order for it to be successful. A law court normally determines the terms of the divorce, which may include prenuptial or postnuptial arrangements. A disputed divorce can be stressful for the partners and result in costly lawsuits in family law courts over topics like child custody, spousal and child support, and property division. Less adversarial approaches to divorce agreements, such as mediation and joint divorce, have increasingly appeared in the field of family law, using a cooperative mechanism and, in some cases, a single attorney working with both sides to reach an agreement.

Adoption is a smaller but significant field of family law. Adoption terminates some or more of the rights of the original parents, and the adopting family obtains these rights in a legal proceeding. In these cases, attorneys manage negotiations with birth parents or the state, as well as finalising any settlements reached between the parties.

Another field of family law is paternity. Paternity cases identify the biological parents of a child and their rights and obligations in relation to the child. Paternity suits, as well as related child support and custody cases, are on the rise as conventional marriages become less common.