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CoolSculpting and Fat Reduction

Coolsculpting is a division, which produces and licenses various devices specifically designed for cryoepolysis processes. The company was started in 2021 and quickly raised seed money in just a few months to launch its full line of products. The company is run by Eric Lewis, who has previously worked at TheraBreath, a bio-medical company that makes binaural audio recordings. After leaving TheraBreath, he began working full-time on Coolsculpting’s design and development while maintaining his job with TheraBreath. The company now has several successful lines including the RockGemz line of sculptures, as well as their line of FunGemz. Go to the website Coolsculpting

The coolsculpting procedures are designed to increase the body’s metabolism while simultaneously reducing unwanted body fat. The coolsculpting product line includes a wide variety of unique sculpting techniques. One of the most popular cool sculpting processes is known as the ultrasonic lipolysis, which is done by sending ultrasonic sound waves into the subcutaneous fatty layers of the body. This technique not only increases the body’s metabolism, but it also reduces unwanted fat. Because of the low level of fat reduction during the treatment, many patients with significant amount of weight loss have found the procedure to be very effective.

Another one of Coolsculpting’s main selling points is that they use an injection of arterialized fat that is injected into the treatment area. This fat fills the incision area and causes the surrounding muscle tissue and connective tissues to contract. This entire process literally “blows up” the surrounding muscle cells, resulting in a large reduction in overall body weight. While this reduction is temporary, it is permanent, meaning that after the treatment area has completely healed, body fat can again return to the original level. This type of fat reduction using coolsculpting has become very popular to many patients suffering from obesity. The side effects are minimal and often considered to be not as serious as those caused by many other surgical procedures.