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Concerning about Plantation Kindergarten

Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, our local board of education announced its plan to standardise all-day kindergarten instruction across the district. The board’s excitement is fuelled by a popular pilot programme that has been operating within the district, as well as evidence that indicates that all-day kindergarten increases a student’s self-confidence and independence, leading to greater improvement in social and academic skills.The change marks a major break from the conventional half-day kindergarten schedule (which isn’t even half-day), which was designed to give children an introduction to elementary school and provide them with a few hours of social interaction. Nonetheless, a sizable number of schools, both in the state and nationally, have adopted all-day kindergarten. We’ve all heard of Saturday school and other types of academic rigour forced on young students in other countries, especially in the Far East. It’s worth noting that this practise is still going strong in the community where I live, particularly among certain ethnic groups who have civic and religious centres. More tips here Plantation Kindergarten

As a result, concerns about the importance of “starting soon” and “working harder” are often heard in order for our students to simply stay competitive in the global landscape. Is it too early to expect a five-year-old to spend thirty hours a week at school? We look at both sides of the debate.On the plus hand, all-day kindergarten has the underlying goal of better preparing children to excel. The concept of success is in the eye of the beholder: better learning skills, a higher score on a potential standardised test, or the ability to socialise with peers more effectively. Whatever the concept, there is plenty of empirical evidence to back up the point that today’s five-year-olds are emotionally capable of enduring the extra classroom time and benefiting from it in the long run. And there are parents who would enthusiastically attest to the advantages of sending their children to all-day kindergarten.