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A Guide to Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise is any physical activity that improves or maintains general health and well being and physical fitness. The type of exercise that you choose will depend on your needs, your goals, and your level of physical conditioning. The recommended therapeutic exercise regime for most people is one that includes some form of moderate to intensive physical activity three to four times per week. By clicking here we get info about Hendersonville therapeutic exercise
In order to determine what types of exercises are best for you, it’s important to have a full understanding of your body. As you start your journey to become healthier and fitter, be sure to keep a complete and thorough assessment of your current physical fitness. This means watching your weight, and doing the proper exercises that are challenging enough to build muscle while burning calories. When you are evaluating your physical fitness, don’t just look at your weight. Also include things such as your pulse rate, blood pressure level, and respiration rate. Once you know your optimum physical condition, you can start looking for activities that will help you reach your goals.
For most people, moderate to intensive aerobic activity is the recommended regimen. Aerobic exercises build endurance, build strength and improve cardiovascular health. Some of the more popular aerobic exercises include walking, cycling, swimming, biking, rowing, and aerobic dancing. There are also other less popular endurance exercises that you can do such as strength training and stretching. If you want something that’s more interesting, such as aquarobics, you can get a great workout from swimming, too.