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Flyfishing Services, Inc. provides fly fishing trips to waters within two hours of Denver, Colorado. We guarantee eight hours of fishing for our full day trips and four hours on our half day trips, excluding travel time. Our access to many stretches of private water affords you a luxury that rarely is experienced in Colorado -- no competition with other fishermen.  We also teach fly fishing and fly tying throughout the year. Learn or improve all facets of your fly fishing -- from dry fly to streamers to reading water and casting.

During February 2008 Chuck Prather was interviewed by "Gunny" Bob Newman for his Master Outdoorsman show on 630 KHOW radio, Denver. Listen to Chuck's interview here. It's a little over ten minutes long, so sit back and relax while you learn a little about Chuck's take on fly fishing in Colorado.


Important Items:

Public and private waters
Equipment at no charge
Special pricing for instruction
Large groups - No problem
Children welcome
Walk and wade
Fish close to Denver


Once again winter is upon us, and as usual we must think of midges. My american express fly (don't leave home without it) is the zebra midge in three colors, black, red and green. Research has taught me to fish small caddis larvae - by small I mean 18's and 20's. The buckskin, bread crust and olive larvae are my favorite colors. You may have to go to the bench to find them, I don't see many available in the shops.

I am hearing some very good fish are being netted in Waterton Canyon - word of a 22in rainbow taken very close to the parking lot on Roxborough Park road. Of course you always have the usual tailwaters. Most of the fish are podded - up for the winter so you may have to do some searchin'.

The lower Conjeos river outside of Antonito can be a real sleeper in the winter but you better hurry, it can get real cold, real quick in the San Luis Valley.

Just a few notes:

Put the Big Thompson on your list for next year - word is some 16 - 18 fish were caught up by 7 Pines.

Another river to keep your eye on is the White River above Rio Blanco reservoir. Another public area called the "Schulz" lease is above the reservoir. Most anglers think of this as a warm water species area. My sources think different.

Most anglers like to think of Steamboat Springs as a ski destination in the winter. I know of one area just west of S-boat that stays open the year around.

Remember -- 2 fish a day for the winter is a good average.

Thanx, Chuck

Email me at FFSCHUCK@aol.com or call me at 303.979.3077 for all the details.


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